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MILO Breakfast Champions
have positive energy


4 Reasons How MILO
gives you Positive Energy
  • Nutrition

    1. MILO is the source of positive energy!

    MILO contains the optimum balance of Protein, Fats and
    Carbohydrates according to the national Recommended Nutrition
    Intake by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia.

    2. Positive Energy takes you further!

    Having breakfast with MILO sets a positive mood for
    the rest of your day, and gives you positive energy
    both mentally and physically!

  • Positive Day

    3. It’s the fuel for a Positive day!

    Just as a car needs petrol to move, a MILO provides
    a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to
    give you positive energy for the day!

  • MILO

    4. Positive Energy is delicious!

    MILO has been nourishing Malaysians with the great
    choco-malty taste for the over 60 years! Nutrition
    never tasted this good!

Rise and shine Malaysia!

Join the nation and start the day with positive energy this 20th April at Perbadanan
Putrajaya to celebrate 2014 Malaysia Breakfast Day!

Take part in the annual Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 or just come with family and friend to enjoy the games, performances, and nutritious breakfast with MILO from your favourite MILO van for the positive energy to go further!


Keep the momentum going!

Now you know what positive energy is all about, submit a picture of something
you achieved just by starting the day with positive energy. It could be a beautiful
sunrise or the gains you put in at the gym.

  • 1. Snap your photo for
    Twitter or Instagram
    When you’ve got the scene set, snap a photo and make sure it’s a clear one!
  • 2. Tell the story
    Complete the caption in 10 words or less; "MILO fuels my mornings with positive energy to…"
  • 3. Hashtag those
    Make sure you tag your photo with
    #MILO #MBD
  • 4. Get rewarded for
    your efforts
    If you continuously submit at least a photo on a daily basis for continuously 15 days, MILO will reward you for your great effort in cultivating the right attitude and behavior that leads towards lifelong success – keep on snapping!

Join the movement

Check out our MILO Breakfast Champions to view other fellow
Malaysians who have taken the brave step of self-improvement with
positive energy!