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Over the years, the nutrient content of MILO has been enhanced to meet evolving demands. The current formulation of ACTIV-GO, in combination with PROTOMALT, provides today’s active children with delicious nutrition in a cup.

ACTIGEN-Eprovides a combination of PROTOMALT, six vitamins and 3 minerals. Including Vitamins B that are essential for optimal energy release, protein and calcium for muscle function and bone maintenance which is important for their physical activities.

Both ACTIV-GO and PROTOMALT will ensure your child getting sufficient nutrients from his daily food intake. Now, what better way to start his day than with a yummy, choco-malty drink of MILO?

MILO 3in1

MILO 3in1 offers the great taste of MILO in a more convenient format. It also comes in 3 other variants to suit your needs.
MILO 3in1
MILO Powder
MILO Ready-to-Drink