MILO Fun Facts | MILO Malaysia


What’s the name of Malaysia’s most popular drink? Yes, you’re right. It’s MILO! Can you guess when MILO was first introduced in this country?
How much do you know of its heritage? Take this fun quiz to find out. Just drag and drop your answer into the question box.

MILO Tonic Food
MILO Tonic Drink
In which year was MILO introduced in Malaysia?
Question 2

The name MILO came from Milon, a champion sports legend from ancient Greece renowned for his feats of...?
Question 3

Which country is the world’s largest consumer of MILO?
MILO Factory
Question 4

The largest MILO factory in the world is located in...?
Question 5

PROTOMALT, the energy in MILO, is an extract of...?