Ever felt that sudden pang of concern when you envision your children going through their day hungry throughout the morning because everyone was rushing through the morning madness?

It may be the school holidays but there is no difference to the importance of how a good breakfast can shape your children’s day.

In the spirit of the holidays, here are four tricks to get your child to look forward to and enjoy breakfast!

1. Jom, breakfast together!

Make breakfast a family moment! This practice can prove to be quite effective when parents act as role models as children tend to emulate their parents, especially during their early learning stages. Conducted by the Nutrition Society of Malaysia in 2015, MyBreakfast Study, the first comprehensive nationwide study on breakfast habits, recommended that “parents should be actively involved in all efforts to promote healthy eating and active living among children.” Breakfast rituals provide routine and structure that gives the child a sense of stability and security which are important for their development.

Your mornings will only get more positive!

2. Make breakfast a game

Children like variety! Work out a list of their favourite breakfast selections and maybe try exploring the internet for options from other countries.

Keep in mind that as we tend to lose about 80% of our energy reserves during sleep, it is important that our children replenish the loss of energy to be able to enjoy the most of the school holidays with a balanced breakfast.

3. Indulge

Instead of buying from the store, try making breakfast with your child and make it into a fun family activity. Perhaps homemade pancakes or chocolate chips in the strawberry muffins? Or maybe even a selection of condiments for them to customize their muffins with?

Remember to top it up with nutritious cup of MILO® drink so that they are ensured the full charge of energy needed for their day!

4. Spice it up!

Sometimes, it is good to change it up a little. Take your child on a road trip, camping (or “glamping”) or you could even organise a picnic at your nearest park. Breakfast doesn’t always have to be at home just as long as you’re having it as a family. Spicing it up and adding this little change to your plans will definitely excite the little one. What’s even better? Always have a convenient pack of MILO® ready to take with them! MILO® contains Activ-Go™, a unique combination of PROTOMALT®, vitamins and minerals, which provide an efficient release of energy and reduce tiredness to avoid that energy slump by the end of the morning.

Breakfast is essential regardless of whether it is a holiday or a school day, so continue cultivating the habit by planning everyday with breakfast in mind. Make it a fun family practice for your children to look forward to; especially during the holidays – after all, fun activities aren’t so fun without sufficient energy from a good breakfast!

*May vary depending on age, size, body fat, physical fitness level and diet of the individual.
[Ref: Jeukendrup, A.E.; Gleeson, M. Sport Nutrition: An Introduction to Energy Production and Performance; Human Kinetics: Leeds, UK, 2010; pp. 124-125]