"Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat?"

There has to be more to life than this right?


When the work cycle goes full swing we often find ourselves questioning the meaning of life. Sometimes, we have to spice things up a little to appreciate the work that we do. Here are some things you can consider picking up!

Night Sports

So you’ve spent the better part of your day stuck on your bum and staring into a computer screen. The last thing your body needs is to spend the rest of the night doing exactly that. Pick up your dusty sports shoes, call some friends together, and sweat it out on a court, table, or field! Whether it’s an old factory lot converted into a futsal court or a sheltered basketball court, it’s not hard to find a community of people who play your favorite sport. Just remember to chug down a cup of MILO® 3-in-1 for the energy to play your best!

Social Dancing

If sweating it out on the court is not your thing, why not on the dance floor? The social dancing scene has been getting into full swing recently with many restaurants dedicating a night to dance the night away. Don’t worry if you don’t know how, some of these places offer a basic course an hour before the dancing begins and even if they don’t, the veteran dancers are often more than happy to show you the basics.

Runs and Marathons

Be it 4KM fun runs or 42KM marathons and beyond, our weekends are packed with runs you can sign up for. There’s no better way to spend your early mornings than with a few thousand people all pumped up to perform their personal best. Just make sure you start your morning with some MILO® 3-in-1!


You can still own your day even if you need a break from people. You can find plenty of courses online that offer a variety of topics to help you grow in knowledge (and some of them are even free!). From learning basic coding to picking up another language, the internet provides an endless amount of avenues to learn.



When you clock out from work today, it shouldn’t mean the end of your productivity. Plan something to make the most out of your day! If you feel like you don’t have the energy to do so, remember to start your day with MILO® 3-in-1 at breakfast (and maybe another cup after work to help you own your evening)!