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Upholding Sports Values With Take On Sports Today Take On Life Tomorrow


We believe in learning through sports. Children can learn life lessons and hone their perseverance, tenacity, and determination to build their own character. This helps them to become well rounded individuals and prepares them to achieve success in their future careers. No matter the challenges they may face with, values they learn from sports such as clear communication, teamwork, charisma, they will be more prepared to take on challenges that lies head with confidence.


Our mission is to provide an avenue for kids to have access to take up sports. From the court to field, they can choose to learn a new sport from our MILO® Champions Clinic. Whether it's football, badminton or even sepak takraw, your child will surely find a sport they can excel in and pursue their passion in their chosen field. For the ones with talent for 'first-touch’, be prepared to unleash your talent as MILO® Hidup Bola is ready to find the next young Malaysian all-star!

Determination, Tenacity, Perseverance


Milo Champions Clinic

MILO® Champions Clinic

MILO® Champions Clinic is back with more opportunities for your kids to learn through sports activities that will help them develop motor skills, critical thinking, as well as a inherent values that will help them grow into successful individuals. Choose from a wide variety of sports programme tailored by Malaysia's top coaches today.

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Milo Hidup Bola

MILO® Hidup Bola

The biggest futsal tournament in Malaysia is back! MILO® Hidup Bola welcomes the next generation of futsal stars through this advanced initiative that hones children's skills and value through sports. Unleash your talent and join MILO® Hidup Bola today!

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Milo Hidup Bola

Malaysian School Sports Council(MSSM)-MILO®

A collaboration between MILO® and the Ministry of Education encourage active lifestyle from a young age. For over 70 years, we have celebrated the achievements of young athletes with a goal of developing our country's grassroot sport scene. We believe sports help nurture young talent with important values and lessons that are transferable to their ambitions in life. This initiative has been a stepping stone for many of our national athletes in their journey towards success.

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