The new MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre!

MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre

Enjoy ADDED goodness with higher fibre content up to 2.5 times compared to the regular MILO® powder. Like the regular MILO® Activ-Go, this new variant maintains the goodness of MILO® made from malt barley, milk and cocoa, essential vitamins and minerals – all with the familiar great MILO® taste.

MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre contains only about ½ teaspoon (2.9g) of added sugar (sucrose) per serve (30g).

Try the new MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre for energy to go even further today!

The new Milo activ-go plus fibre 
2.5x More Fibre

2.5x Fibre*

High in fibre. Each serving (30g) of MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre meets 12% of fibre needs per day*.
*Based on 30g of fibre per day. RNI 2017 recommends 20-30g fibre per day. 

Nourishing Energy of MILO®

The Same Nutrition And Goodness of MILO®



Extracted from barley which acts as a good source of energy


Source of protein & calcium


Gives the chocolate taste you like


Special mix of PROTOMALT®, 6 vitamins & 3 minerals

less sugar

50% lesser added sugar (sucrose)

Each serving (30g) of MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre only contains only about ½ teaspoon (2.9g) of added sugar compared to the regular MILO® powder.


Great MILO® taste that you love

There is nothing like the original MILO® taste loved by generations!


Meets the criteria of the Healthier Choice logo