Celebrate the New Year with
the Limited Edition
MILO® Gold Tins

MILO® launches the MILO® Gold Tins to welcome the auspicious year of the Tiger.
These Golden Tins were designed for all Malaysians to be instilled with
tiger-like energy with the Goodness of MILO®.

May your year be prosperous and be filled with Huat & Kuat energy to gold further. 

The Limited Edition MILO® Gold Tins

The MILO® Huat & Kuat Film

Welcome the new year of the tiger with our exciting film! Follow Hui Hui as she struggles to keep her double life, following her parent’s ambitions and her secret passion, Tae Kwon Do.

The Limited Edition MILO® Gold tin comes with an exciting AR Game to lift up your Huat & Kuat spirit.

Unlock the game by scanning the QR Code at the back of the Gold tins.

Unleash the tiger and challenge your friends now!