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MILO® Generasi Aktif​ With Jaclyn Victor

Jaclyn Victor

Jaclyn VictoR

Staying active helps grow her career

Even a busy daily schedule can’t keep Jaclyn Victor from staying fit and being active. Maintaining an active lifestyle keeps her spirited and quick on her feet. 

5 Inspirations from Jaclyn Victor

Start early

“I was an agile kid right from the start.  During my high school days, I was actively involved in hockey as well as track and field.”

Start Early

Exercise as a part of daily routine

“I love to exercise! I stayed active throughout my pregnancy and my go-to exercises are TRX and HIIT”

Balanced diet is important

“I enjoy cooking. Usually I’ll prepare a balanced and nutritious meal for my kids so they’ll stay in good health.”


Being active is therapeutic 

“Being a singer is challenging. One of the ways to help me get through it is by exercising.”

Family comes first

Jaclyn puts family at the top of her priority list. To her, family and close friends are her prime motivators to be the best version of herself.


Jaclyn Victor
Jaclyn Victor
Jaclyn Victor


What does it takes to be a good singer? A lot of us will think that it’s the talent for singing and a good voice — either you’re born with it or you’re not. It is true that a lot of singers have naturally good vocals. Talent is a determining factor but hard work and rigorous training get them further.

Singers go through rigorous training and fitness routine not just to look their best on stage, it is also a professional necessity for singers to maintain their physical health. Exercising helps to improve singing by increasing your cardiovascular strength and breath stamina. When you work out and perspire, sweating will stimulate your endorphins and strengthen your muscles for more rounded vocals. Working out and building up body stamina can help you sing higher and clearer, with more energy and emotion.

Listen what Jaclyn Victor from MILO® Generasi Aktif has to share about her experience in achieving success as Malaysia’s top singer!


What does it takes to reach your personal goals? Perseverance, commitment and true grit are the keys to climb up the ladder of success. Having grit is having a flaming passion and perseverance to face challenges in the pursuit of his or her ambitions. MILO® Generasi Aktif is here to inspire you to excel in whatever you do by building physical strength and embodying positive values. To achieve excellence is not the relentless pursuit of perfection, but is more of striving consistently towards a higher level of excellence in any field like our icons in MILO® Generasi Aktif.

The road to success is not easy, but having true grit will help you reach your goals faster. Just like our icons in MILO® Generasi Aktif, having physical health and embodying a positive mindset will give you the strength to push you through the many challenges. How do you build a strong character and learn positive values that will benefit you in life? Be inspired by the MILO® Generasi Aktif — staying active and playing sports is the answer!