MILO® Vintage Collection x Pestle & Mortar Clothing Contest

Make A Statement with MILO® Vintage Collection x Pestle & Mortar

MILO® has grown alongside our nation and has been a part of Malaysia's heritage for 70 years. As a tribute to Malaysians for playing a part in our journey, MILO® Cans is collaborating with Pestle & Mortar Clothing to give away exclusive merchandise.

Our MILO® Vintage Collection collaboration with Pestle & Mortar Clothing is a celebration of the things that make us unique through our individual journey. The things that we wear, collect and consume on the daily, is a statement of our individuality and personal lifestyle.

So we want you to join us in making a statement that represents your journey, your passion and your individuality.

Make a statement. Be all you can be with the energy from MILO® Cans and stand a chance to win exclusive merchandise!
 milo x pmc 
How To Join
Follow these steps to participate in the contest:


Step 1: BUY

Purchase minimum of 2 MILO® cans and/or bottles.


Step 2: ANSWER

Minuman MILO® Tin & Botol merupakan produk yang mengambil bahagian dalam peraduan ini. Betul atau Salah?



Write your Full Name, MyKad Number and Answer on the original receipt and send it to 016-430 2318.