Be Active with the Goodness of MILO®

To improve your lifestyle, having a balanced diet is essential.

Did you know that a cup of MILO® contains  nutritious ingredients to take you further? Prepared with care, it provides you with vitamins, minerals, and energy so you can stay active throughout the day. So, what is in MILO®?
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The Ingredients in MILO® Contributes to a Balanced Diet



Extracted from barley which acts as a good source of energy


Source of protein & calcium


Gives the chocolate taste you like
Active Go


Special mix of PROTOMALT®, 6 vitamins & 3 minerals

Protomalt® Malt extract from barley for energy
Vitamin B (B2,B3, B6 & B12) Provides efficient energy release from food
Calcium For strong bones & teeth
Iron & Vitamin B12 For red blood cell production
Vitamin C Enhances iron absorption
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Maximum 10 teaspoons***


Maximum 8.5 teaspoons***

***As recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO) and Malaysian nutrition guidelines, based on 2000kcal (Adults) & 1700kcal (Children)


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Added Sugars

Sugars added during food preparation or processing like table sugar (sucrose).

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Naturally Occurring Sugars

Sugars naturally present in food such as lactose in milk and fructose in fresh fruits & vegetables.

Total sugars is the sum of added sugars and naturally occurring sugar in your food products.
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Fruits, veggies and dairy products contain sugar and bring along many beneficial nutrients, so you don’t have to cut sugar entirely from your diet. Just remember to consume these foods according to the Malaysian Food Pyramid.

Don’t Forget the Nutrients in Your Daily Diet!

Pair MILO® with a balanced diet, a habit of moderation and diverse menu options to obtain the nutrients for your body to stay energetic and healthy. There are two types of nutrients:

Needed in higher amounts to maintain a healthy body.
This includes:

• Carbohydrate
• Protein
• Fat
Why are they important?

• Provides Energy
• For Growth & Tissue Repair
• Main energy stored in our body
What if we do not get enough?

Compromised energy levels & growth
Sources of MACROnutrients

Rice, cereals, bread

Meat, fish, milk

Cheese, oil, margarine

Needed in smaller amounts.
This includes:

• Vitamins
• Minerals
Why are they important?

For overall physical well-being
What if we do not get enough?

May affect our general health
Sources of MICROnutrients
Vege and Fruit
Vitamins (e.g. B, C, D & etc) and Minerals (e.g. calcium, iron, zinc & etc)

From various food sources like fruits and vegetables.
Fun Fact

Different food contains different nutrients. Try different recipes with these different ingredients, paired with the benefits of MILO® for the macronutrients and micronutrients that your body needs. Find out more about #QuarterQuarterHalf healthy servings here.

Start Your Day with Nutritious Breakfast Pairings!

A nutritious breakfast may help your child to stay focused and energized at school. Check out some of the breakfast pairings with MILO® that you can try:
Roti Bakar


Bubur Ayam

Chicken Porridge

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak


MILO® contains the wholesome goodness of malt, milk, cocoa and Activ-GO® that helps you go further.

The Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI) 2017 for Malaysia suggests that added sugar intake should not be more than 10 teaspoons (50g) or 8.5 teaspoons (42.5g) for adults and children respectively1.
1Based on 2000kcal for adults & 1700kcal for children

In a cup of MILO® [based on one serving of MILO® powder (30g added to 200mL water)]:

Milo Mug

Total sugar = 12.2g ( ~ 2 teaspoons) or 6% (6g in 100mL)

Added sugar (sucrose) = 5.8g (~1 teaspoon)

Milo Tin

Total sugar in MILO powder = 40% (40g in 100g)

To get the perfect cup of MILO®, follow this recommended preparation:

5 teaspoons of MILO® + 200ml water = your MILO® is ready to be enjoyed!

5 teaspoon


200ml water


milo ready

MILO® can be served hot or cold, paired with your food of choice.

MILO® is a nutritious beverage which contains ACTIV-GO®-PROTOMALT®, as well as various vitamins and minerals, which contributes to efficient energy release. MILO® also contains macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein and fats.

MILO® helps provide energy for you to take on your day. Consuming MILO®, and practicing #QuarterQuarterHalf in your meal, along with an active lifestyle will bring overall goodness to your daily life. To know more about #QuarterQuarterHalf, click here.

MILO® is not an energy drink, but it contains a unique combination of vitamins and minerals for efficient energy release. It also contains other nutrients such as carbohydrate to provide the energy that your body needs.

MMILO® has always been a strong supporter of an active lifestyle and has advocated sports from the grassroots level. Now, through the Aktif Negaraku initiative, MILO® is encouraging Malaysians to stay active and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This covers programs such as MILO® Hidup Bola, MILO® Breakfast Day and many more. For more information about Aktif Negaraku, click here.