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Malaysia Boleh Bersama MILO®

Malaysia Boleh Bersama MILO®

MILO® invites all Malaysians to celebrate the spirit of unity and tenacity through #MalaysiaBolehBersamaMILO campaign.

Stay tuned for the special announcement on 25 August 2022 as our iconic MILO® trucks will be touring nationwide to celebrate our nation with our all time favorite - MILO®.

Join us on 16 September 2022 in Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur with MILO® for the most energetic Malaysia Day celebration this year!

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Larian Malaysia Boleh Bersama MILO®

Join us in celebrating Malaysia Day with an energetic Larian Malaysia Boleh Bersama MILO® (2.5KM) this 16 September 2022 (Malaysia Day) at Dataran Merdeka.

Receive Limited Edition MILO® goodies while an energetic and fun-filled Malaysia celebration awaits you!

Sign up and be energised with MILO® now!

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Malaysia Boleh Bersama MILO® Tour

Join us as we celebrate National Day and Malaysia Day with our iconic MILO®️ trucks that will be touring nationwide! This year, we set out to energise the nation with 65,000 FREE cups of MILO®️.

Check out our tour dates and don't miss out on this epic celebration. May every Malaysian have the Energy to go Further with MILO®️!

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Week 2Week 2
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Watch our film!

This National Day and Malaysia Day, we invite all Malaysians to relive iconic moments with MILO®️ that we know and love. As Malaysians, MILO®️ trucks has always been a fond memory for all of us, providing goodness from generation to generation all over Malaysia!

MILO®️ continues to remain a constant in every Malaysian's lives and every Malaysian achievement. Let's celebrate the love of our country through sharing the goodness of MILO®️.

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Malaysia Boleh Bersama MILO® Tour Finale

Come join us at the Malaysia Boleh Bersama MILO®️ Tour Finale Event this 16 September at Dataran Merdeka! Enjoy exciting activities that are sure to energise you To Go Further!

From energetic sports activities including workout sessions, surf skating workshops to live performances and an appearance from our iconic MILO®️ trucks!

Expect to have a full day of excitement powered by the Goodness of MILO®️. Don’t miss out!