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Steady Sampai Jadi With MILO® Cans

Steady Sampai Jadi

MILO Cans salute those who never give up, the ones who never back down and keep marching on.
Whatever their challenges are, we are here to inspire teens with the spirit of Steady Sampai Jadi.

about the brand film

Watch how our nation's three most iconic youths, Farah Ann, Sofyank, and Welson Sim,
push past the impossible with persistence and determination to fuel their journey
forward – showing us what it truly means to be Steady Sampai Jadi with the
energy of MILO Cans. 

Farah Ann

Her poise is her strength - Farah Ann is not one to lose her balance in the face of her doubters. She pushes her critics as hard as she pushes herself, paving her way to the Olympics. Despite her success, she continues to raise her game - all while inspiring and mentoring the new generation to carry on her legacy. Now that’s the true spirit of #SteadySampaiJadi with #MILOCans!


He started out with a rundown laptop, yet Sofyank did not let any limitation discourage him. Inspired by the American digital illusionist,Zach King, he diligently taught himself to edit videos and now his magic touch comes alive through his content that never fails to exceed people's imaginations! Sofyank is living proof that when you #SteadySampaiJadi with #MILOCans, no dream is out of reach.


Welson Sim  

Welson’s humble beginnings did not stop him from making big splashes. Despite all of his personal struggles and setbacks, he blazed his way in the pool, and made history as Malaysia’s first male swimmer to qualify for the Olympic games in 2016! Even after all that he’s accomplished, he continues to challenge himself to go further every day, embodying what it means to #SteadySampaiJadi with the energy of #MILOCans.